Founded in 1980, Tessilbrenta soon became a technical reference in the design and development of nonwoven solutions for industrial, civil engineering , and furniture applications.

Its continued growth is based upon long-held values of innovation, integrity, excellent service and respect for the environment.

Since then, through technological innovation, geographical expansion and focused diversification, Tessilbrenta now offers solutions at a global level for a wide range of nonwovens, geotextiles and sand containers for civil and environmental engineering applications, roofing systems, bedding and sofas sectors.

This capacity of technological innovation is the result of a constant commitment to offer more and more versatile solutions, able to adapt to different local situations and to simplify the design and installation activities. Besides, the company provides its experience, know-how and professional skills to secure the highest standards of innovation and efficiency on site, with utmost attention for environmental sustainability.


Integrity is a must in Tessilbrenta. We are open-minded and reliable in our relationships with our customers, suppliers and colleagues, and with the community where the company works

Environment and safety
We work in safety while protecting the environment and people as well their safety and health

We support our customer success creating values with innovating products and services

Excellence above all in everything we do, every day

We work in an ambient driving and stimulating changes, new ideas and the respect for the individual

We get sustainable financial results supporting a profitable growth

We are liable - individually and as a group - for our behaviours, actions and results


Distribution in more than 20 countries
Tessilbrenta currently operates commercially through its own sales department and authorised distributors in more than 20 countries. The emerging markets of the North Africa and the Middle East, have been gradually added to the consolidated European markets.

Work in different markets
Tessilbrenta is characterised at an international level by its ability to operate within diverse markets, and its ability to provide specific answers to the many technical and application requests . The range of products and their related uses is extensive, from furniture, to products for DIY markets, and on to the most technical nonwovens geotextiles for use in civil engineering. Tessilbrenta has many application fields: geosynthetics, roofing nonwovens, nonwovens for furniture and garden nonwovens.

Diversified sales channels
Tessilbrenta products are purchased by industry through business-to-business relationships, and they appear in the specifications of construction companies and in competitive tenders for public works. Over the course of time, Tessilbrenta has built consolidated collaborative relationships in all the main industrialised countries, with significant companies in every industrial and distribution sector.


Consistently meet and exceed the expectations of customers and stakeholders is a key element of the Tessilbrenta's Mission. A goal which is achieved through the fulfillment of high quality standards and the use of advanced control systems of the all products in order to ensure the safety and reliability.

In the Tessilbrenta approach to the quality, certifications play a crucial role, which combine the requirements of compliance with the national laws of the various markets, with the desire to better outline the offer, through membership in many voluntary certification programs.

Tessilbrenta is committed to systematically improve the sustainability of its business and the industry in which it operates.

From operations management to the development of new products, every organizational and research choice places utmost importance to the intelligent use of resources, reducing consumption and waste reduction.

Operating in a sector where the high energy consumption is the most critical element from the environmental point of view, Tessilbrenta has recognized in the intelligent use of energy, the factor by which contribute in the most immediate and effective development of an approach to a sustainable production.

Thanks to continuous investment in new process technologies, Tessilbrenta boasts a production capacity among the highest in the European scene and makes it one of the undisputed leaders in the field of geotextiles.


Tessilbrenta uses more than 80% of electricity and more than 60% of the heat energy
from renewable sources, with a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 3200 tons per year.