Green textiles for landscaping gardening and green roofs

High quality, no chemical additives, a wide range of weights and sizes. These are our products. They have been designed as weeders control, to protect plants against cold weather, for filtration, to stabilize the soil and to protect the membrane used for building ponds and small lakes.

Tessilbrenta offers a complete range of products realized for professionals and families, weed control, garden nonwovens, nonwovens for green roof, mulch nonwovens.


Tessilbrenta's PLANTECO is a complete range of high quality products for professional gardeners: from keeping weeds and root under control without the use of chemical additives, from solutions for protecting plants to solutions for trafficked areas and dewatering trenches.



ECOTESS is a cheap geotextile made of recycled fibers and for this reason is environmentally friendly. It is ideal for small household and garden work.