Geotess® geotextiles are widely used for protection in waste disposal systems and tunnel constructions to ensure the integrity of a sealing material (for example geomembrane) when fill material and/or loads are applied.

The protection function is defined as "The prevention or limiting of local damage to a given element or material by the use of a geotextile". As the sole purpose of this function is to protect a given element or material, the mechanical properties are essential, whereas the hydraulic properties are of less importance. The excellent static puncture resistance of Geotess® geotextiles makes them ideal for protecting waterproof membranes and other sealing materials from puncture when fill material and/or loads are being applied. When placed between sealing material and other layers, the Geotess® geotextiles withstand and distribute any local pressure from the layer above, ensuring that the protected material is not stressed to failure protection.


Geotess® geotextiles on both sides of membranes in waste disposal protect it from perforation. Geotess® protect impermeable membranes of landfill basal areas, side walls and caps, tailing lagoons, reservoirs, balancing ponds, reed beds and artificial lakes.



Geotess® geotextiles on both sides of membranes in tunnel construction and protect it from perforation. Coatings and membranes applied to concrete structures are often in need of protection.