Virpex for PVC membranes

Virpex is a PET nonwoven and it can be a component of PVC membranes. They are particularly useful for the refurbishment of existing roofs where the use of mechanical fixings is difficult or not permitted. The membrane incorporates a 200 - 250 or 300 g/m² Virpex polyester fleece backing , allowing it to be securely adhered to the specified substrate.

This membrane distribute stresses equally across the whole roof area and can prove an ideal solution for roofs with complex geometries or where fixings is not permitted by penetrating the substrate.



Virpex PET nonwoven is utilized in the manufacture of synthetic membrane of plasticised PVC . They are reinforced with a non-woven polyester felt backing of 200 g/m², 250 and 300 gr/sqm.
The main application of the membrane are isolation or cushioning purposes.