Sleeping line for pocket springs and covers

The sleeping line nonwovens series can be used as pocket cloth , covers and seperation layers in mattresses industry.

Nonwovens for mattress

Tessilbrenta SLEEPING LINE products are particular staple fibre needle punched nonwovens ideal for the manufacturing of pocket springs and useful for other parts of mattress like the inner layers.


Excellent products for being easily cutted, glued, sewn, coupled or ultrasonically welded. Available in different weights, colours and mechanical characteristics.


SLEEPING LINE Nonwovens can perfectly support high decompressions exercised by metal springs.


Dimensional stability, permeability, high tensile strength and the use of hypoallergenic and inodorous fibres make the nonwovens of our SLEEPING LINE the perfect product for any use.

The articles of SLEEPLING LINE collection are silent materials when rubbing (noise-free products) and easy
to process (excellent handling).



Pocket Springs