Nonwovens for furniture

Tessilbrenta SEATING LINE offers a wide range of staple fibre needle punched nonwovens used for many applications in the upholstered furniture industry, such as in sofas and armchairs.

SEATING LINE collection has excellent mechanical properties and high dimensional stability. These products are ideal for covering and protecting the inner and external parts of sofas and seats.


High tensile strength and resistant to wear, tear and friction for the toughest uses.


Compliant to the requirements of the BS 5852 standard (cigarette and match test) and TB117 standard (Californian Test)


A sophisticated monitoring system checks all processing phases verifying uniformity of distribution of the fibres and quality of the finished product.

On request our SEATING LINE could be subjected to specific thermal treatments as well as flame retarding (FR), in compliance with the strictest international standards.